“Dr.No” The First James Bond Film Is Released, This Day 1962

In the foreground, a green-tinted man in a suit holding a gun, a yellow-tinted woman in a bikini, a blue-tinted woman wrapped in a towel, an orange-tinted woman in a man's shirt, and a red-tinted woman in a dress. Below them are drawn figures of scenes of the movie. Above them, the slogan "NOW meet the most extraordinary gentleman spy in all fiction!...JAMES BOND, Agent 007!" and the 007 logo, where the 7 has a trigger and gun barrel. In the bottom of the poster, the title "Ian Fleming's Dr. No", film credits and other slogans.

On this day in 1962 “Dr.No” the first James Bond movie was released. Sean Connery was the first “James Bond” and in my opinion and in the opinion of many, he was the best one. There have now been 22 James Bond movies with another one on the way.

The producers of “Dr.No’ originally sought Cary Grant for the role but he would only commit to one film. David Niven was also considered. Sean Connery would do 5ive Bond films. The Bond films have grossed over $5 billion.


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