Actor Ian McShane- aka Al Swearengen “Deadwood” 70 Today

Actor Ian McShane who is most known for his role of Al Swearengen in HBO’s “Deadwood” turns 70 today. Al Swearengen one of the great characters in recent years on television. More recently McShane starred in the mini-series “The Pillars Of The Earth”

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    • I guess we disagree on “The Wire” It is my favourite show EVER.. I haven’t watched “Deadwood” since its original run..but I have the DVD’s.. it’s only 3 seasons.. need to put that on the list of things to watch… now If I only can find some time!!

    • I will do that.. and The Boss-that will be awesome..enjoy! I’ve never heard anyone say Bruce didn’t give them their money’s worth!!

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