Boxer Cassius Clay Wins Gold Medal At 1960 Rome Olympics-This Day 1960

On this day in 1960 boxer Cassius Clay [the future Muhammad Ali} won the gold medal in the light-heavyweight division at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games. Clay would then turn professional. His amateur record being 100 wins against 5 losses. In 3 1/2 years he would beat Charles Sonny Liston and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

The 1960 Olympics was Clay’s first appearance on the world stage. A stage that 52 years later he is still on. Muhammad Ali claimed that after he came back home to Louisville, Kentucky he was refused service at a restaurant because of his color and went to a bridge on the Ohio River and tossed his gold medal in. In 1996 Ali was presented with a new gold medal at the Atlanta Games.