Allen, Texas High School Opens New $60 Million Dollar Stadium


There are things that really make me wonder. This is one of them. I am a big sports fan, I cannot remember not being a sports fan. Sometimes though I see things that make me think that sports has gotten way out of control. This is one of those stories. New $60,000,000 stadium in Allen, Texas for high school football. First I must admit I am not a fan of high school football. If you are not playing it or coaching it or have a child playing it  I don’t see why anyone would care about it. {That goes with all high school sports and below. I coach a middle school basketball team and I love coaching }  The last time I went to a high school football game was in…1988. I’d rather watch pain dry.

To me spending 60 million dollars on a high school field is moronic. Not saying they didn’t need a new stadium in Allen. I know high school football rules in Texas. I enjoyed “Friday Night Lights” the book and the tv series. I just think its kind of sad that so much energy and importance is put on high school sports.  I eagerly look forward to Quinn’s comments on this.

link to story on the new stadium below. There are colleges across the country I am sure that wish for a facility like this.




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  1. Those People Effen CRAZY.
    Think Of All The Stuff The School System Could Have Done With $60Million! They Get A Huge Stadium For High School Football, Meanwhile Teachers Are Being Laid-Off All Over The Place! They Don’t have Enough Money Floating Around To Help The Teachers AND The Students, But They DO Have A New Stadium.
    It’s A Bunch Of Crap, Dude.
    It’s Infuriating, Honestly.

    • We totally agree… I love sports but it has gotten way out of hand..not only high school but college and professional also.. as a whole the country has its priorities in the wrong place.

    • Well if you had done the slightest amount of research you would have seen that this $60M was part of a larger $119M bond that our community voted on and passed. The other part of the bond built a much needed 1500 seat performing arts center, a culinary arts center with restaurant, a new band hall for our 800+ member marching band, a state of the art TV broadcast studio, and additional career technology classrooms. Our students have such a variety of classes to choose from it is mind boggling. And books, yes they get two copies, one for the classroom and one at home. Oh teachers, our school district brought in 162 new ones this year. Oh and as far as the game last night, official attendance was 21,776 not bad for a stadium that seats 18,000. And we beat the defending state champs 24-0 in a great game.

    • You are the one jumping to conclusions… i heard about this last week. I heard it was funded by a local bond. That is all fine. If someone with a billion dollars opened his checkbook and paid for it all- I’d still think it was a waste of money. Just my opinion.

  2. Ok you are entitled to your opinion on it being a waste or not I will give you that. However our priorities are fine, we also funded and out of the same bond plus more. Our priorities are that we want our students to have the best of everything and are willing to pay for it. That is my opinion.

    • That is all great. Wish your school well. I know there are parts of the country that really take their high school football more seriously than others. Ohio is a big high school football area but I know Texas is in another league when it comes to HS football.

  3. I will say i have known about this stadium for a while. As someone who has been in the building industry for many years its always nice when a new school is built and you get to build athletic and academic facilities. I have also written about high school and college sports for just about as long. With all that said, and fully understanding that this was a ballot initiative to allow for the bonds, this is, in my opinion, a terrific waste of money. I will have to go back and see exactly when the election was held. Many schools that cannot get a bond issue passed will have a Saturday election in May where less than 5% of registered voters show up and get the bonds passed. NOTE that is not what I am saying happened here. Just what i know has happened in other places lately.
    I do not know exactly how many schools I have been a part of building, but I know that it is more than 30. Some have been as large as 80 million. One thing that I have noticed about these modern schools is that while no expense is spared for lockerrooms or athletics, there is little money or square footage being constructed to teach working trades. I cannot recall the last time I saw a school with an auto shop, a wood shop, or anything less than just a cursory nod to home ec.
    Good for the kids. Its nice to see and get to play in something that is better than some D-1 programs. Back in the 80s at Odessa Permians Ratliff Stadium, many would have said it was better than a lot of the facilities in the SWC.
    I know if it were my tax dollars we had better be sending every child off to a great college before i spend money on something like this.

    • quinnmaddux here is a link to the bond history in the school district back to 1910, As you can see there is a long history of passing bonds. I only moved here in 2006 from Arizona. The two links I posted above show some of the space built that include for the working trades. They are mostly high tech these days and it included a TV broadcast studio that is state of the art. We already had space for clinical rotations, vet science, and those sorts of trades.

  4. txwayne – thanks for the informative link. I will say it seems that you fine people in Allen will certainly spend money. I wish, that in my experience I had run across more citizens that would agree willingly to more taxes to pay for things that either the school district or town infrastructure needed. Sadly it seems that Allen is the rare exception to this.
    I hope that young people educated in that district understand what a blessing it is to have the facilities like that.

  5. I spent 23 years in the military moving every 3 years and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and this in Allen is by far the best. I have lived in communities where the majority of the population was older and did not have kids and refused to pay anything for the school system. Then the schools were forced to make cuts that were just brutal. Other places the school board and other district leadership were so bad at managing what they did have the community would not approve any further money because they saw what they did with what they had and certainly did not trust them with more, very adversarial. It is not perfect here certainly as I do have my issues but it is the best I have experienced and has served my family well.

  6. Feel much the same about college football in particular. I know administrators who can detail the hidden costs passed on to other departments – especially something as simple as the electric bill which can run 6-7 figures.

    I advocate lifetime sports for all – staying fit to live is important. But, the insurance, hoopla, 6-7-8-figure salaries for coaches? Absurd.

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