Van “The Man” Morrison-67 Years Old Today

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The great Van”The Man” Morrison turns 67 today. Van Morrison- born George Ivan Morrison- in  Belfast,Northern Ireland. One of the great singer-songwriters in rock history. Van has released 33 solo studio albums. His biggest hit was “Brown-Eyed Girl” He only had 4 Top 40 singles in his career. He has always been an album artist.

His greatest album “Astral Weeks” was released in 1969. It only reached #140 on the U.S. Album charts and didn’t turn Gold until 33 years later in 2001 but it is on all the “Greatest Album’s Ever” lists. It is a personal favorite of mine. Easily in my all time Top 5. Listening to “Astral Weeks” it is hard to believe that the man singing was only 24 at the time it was recorded. It is the most unique album in rock history. I’ve heard nothing that compares to it. It is also one of the few albums that I never have grown tired of, it is an album that to me always sounds fresh to my ears and I’ve probably listened to this album 1500 times since I ‘discovered” it in 1979. Its just an amazing listen. Transcendental, mystical. the singer of these songs is obviously going through a very difficult time in his life. If you’ve never heard “Astral Weeks” my advice is go buy/download it and enjoy. Don’t listen to it once or twice that isn’t doing it justice. Listen to it over and over. “Moondance”was his second greatest album-coming soon after “Astral Weeks” Van Morrison has released many fine albums over his career. Nothing in my opinion matches “Astral Weeks” but then again nothing anyone has released since 1969 has either. I also love his voice. One of my favourite singers. In honor of his birthday- going to listen to “Astral Weeks” on the way to work this morning.

One regret I have is I’ve never seen Van in concert. He doesn’t tour much. If he ever comes within 500 miles again I am going.

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