Riot Outside The White House This Day 1841


On this day in 1841 President John Tyler {the first Vice-President to become POTUS upon the death of a POTUS- William Henry Harrison} vetoes a bill that would have established a Second Bank of the United States. Tyler was a former member of the Whig Party. After Tyler vetoed the bill, a riot took place outside the White House. Drunk and incensed members of the Whig Party who were supporting the bill bombarded the White House with stones, shot their guns into the air, and burned President Tyler in effigy. This riot is still the most violent demonstration to ever take place outside of the White House.

A sidenote on President John Tyler. He was POTUS from 1841-45. He has a grandson who is still alive.


4 responses to “Riot Outside The White House This Day 1841

  1. that is crazy that his grandson is still alive. amazingly i always find these past presidents knew the dangers inherent to a central bank. how we cannot grasp this idea today is beyond me.

    • tyler had like 15 kids..2 wifes…he was i think in his 60’s when the second wife had a son…that son had tylers grandson when he was like 70..that man is still living..late 70’s i think…crazy.. also goes to show how we are really not that far removed from things that seem long ago…

  2. i remember a question on jeopardy a couple of years back that the government was still paying pension to a civil war widow. young lady married older vet and then she lived for more than 100 years.

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