The Second Presidential Election In The United States-1792- George Washington

The second presidential election in the history of the United States in 1792 was much like the first, George Washington ran without opposition. As Washington’s first term was coming to a close he thought about going home to Mt. Vernon. He had done his duty again, his health wasn’t what it once was, he was 60 years old. He talked with James Madison about writing a farewell address. Eventually he changed his mind because no one at this time was ready for him to leave.

By this time political parties were coming into being. George Washington was not happy about this or about his two cabinet members who were at odds with each other and starting up these opposing political parties Alexander Hamilton the Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. There was bad blood between these two men, Washington tried to soothe the hard feelings but it was to no avail. One of the reasons Washington decided to remain on was to bridge these factional differences. The only thing Hamilton and Jefferson did agree on is that George Washington should continue as President of the United States. The country was very fortunate to have a man such as George Washington at this time. If he isn’t our finest president, he is a close runner-up.

Thomas Jefferson was for the agrarian classes and favored states rights, where as Hamilton was an economic nationalist who wanted to promote th nations bankers, merchants , and industrial  interests Hamilton and his followers wanted a strong national government.. The party that Jefferson started was called the Democratic-Republican Party. Hamilton’s party was the Federalist Party.

below is Alexander Hamilton

File:Alexander Hamilton portrait by John Trumbull 1806.jpg

Ten states participated in the 1788 presidential election, in 1792 there were fifteen. Rhode Island and North Carolina had now ratified the US Constitution, New York got their act together this time around and voted and Kentucky and Vermont had been added to the union.

They were still going under the rules in which every elector had 2 votes. Everyone used one vote on George Washington, there was more of a split in the vote for Vice-President. Vice-President John Adams had a way with words [He said what he was thinking, no filter with John} and that ticked some people off. Adams did win the vote for Vice-President though with 77 votes, Governor George Clinton of New York {not to be confused with the great George Clinton of Parliment-Funkadelic fame} got 50 votes,  Thomas Jefferson got 4 votes and Aaron Burr received a vote. John Adams still hated the role of Vice-President {or Vice Daddy as he called it} but he thought there was always hope for the future, George Washington wouldn’t be president forever.

below George Clinton-Governor of New York and a future Vice-President of the United States.

below the great George Clinton of Parliment-Funkadelic

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  1. Interesting common interests; I’m dealing with history in my blog this month. I’m about to visit Mt. Vernon and I’m a huge, huge George “Bring it On the One” Clinton fan. Didn’t Parliment-Funkadelic do a jam called “Vice Daddy”? LOL!

    • I was at Mt.Vernon this spring. Enjoy your trip it is well worth going to. I think George Clinton would make a great VP..I’d go to one of his rallies!

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