President Of The United States-Barack Obama 51 Today


POTUS Barack Obama turns 51 today. Instead of being negative which is easy to do I am going to list 5ive things I like about Barack Obama.

1 He is left-handed. We have had a rush of left handed presidents of late. For years it was only James Garfield being left handed. Since World War II- Harry Truman, Jerry Ford, Ronaldus Magnus, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. In the 1992 election all 3 candidates- Bush, Clinton and Perot were lefties. In 2008 both Obama and McCain were. I am left handed. I approve this message.

2. He seems to love his wife and family a great deal.

3. He is a huge sports fan. Probably the biggest all around sports fan we’ve had in office since Richard Nixon.

4. I thought it was a smart thing for him in a book a few years before running for president to disclose his wilder younger years which involved drug use. Not good that he was into drugs but the fact he came right out and admitted it. Not like Bill Clinton who danced around it and made a big story out of it by saying he ‘didn’t inhale” Obama was straight out with it and it was an issue that didn’t get much traction.

5. If re-elected I like the fact that there is a law limiting him to two terms. He won’t be able to run again.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.



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