1964 Tokyo Olympic Games- The Press Sisters…Or Was It The Press Brothers?

In the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games the Soviet Union’s Press Sisters- Irina and Tamara Press were outstanding, dominating. Irina won gold in the 1960 Rome Games in the 80 meter hurdles and in Tokyo in 1964 won gold in the Pentathlon. Her sister Tamara upped that by winning in 1960 gold in the shot put and silver in the discus. In 1964 she won 2 gold medals in the discus and shot put. Then they did something strange. They disappeared from international competition forever.

There had always been doubts about the “Press Sisters” as far as their gender. Some called them the “Press Brothers” We do know this much, when they all international meets started testing for gender verification, the Press Sisters pulled their disappearing act.