Documentarian Ken Burns- 59 Today

The great American documentarian Ken Burns is 59 today. Burns is without doubt the most famous documentary maker in the world. His most noted and best work was “The Civil War” back in 1990. That 9 episode documentary is the most watched program ever on PBS. It also had a lot to do I think in the Civil War craze that has been going on in America the past 20 years. After “The Civil War” interest in the war seemed to sky rocket.

Ken Burns first film was “The Brooklyn Bridge” other notable ones are a favorite of mine “Huey Long” “Baseball”, “Jazz” “The War” and “The National Parks’ He has won two Oscar’s and two Emmy’s for his work. He is an ambitious man, he already has projects lined up for the next 7 years. He has made 21 documentaries up to this point. The ones in the future he has planned that I am looking forward to the most are “Vietnam” and “Jackie Robinson”  I have seen all of Burns documentaries and they are all worth seeing.