1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games- Stella Walsh

Stanislawa Walasewicz was born in Poland but her family emigrated to the United States when she was 3 months old. Her father got a job as a steel worker in Cleveland.  She would go by the name Stella Walsh. She became involved in athletics and in the 1932 Los Angeles Games she would win the gold medal in the 100 meters. She tied the Olympic record. In 1936 at the Berlin Games she was there to defend her title in the 100 meters but would come up short-winning the silver medel. The winner was Helen Stephens of the United States. Helen Stephens was accused of being a man. She underwent inspection and she was a woman.

Stella Walsh would continue to compete for many more years in track retiring at age 41 in 1951. She would be inducted into the United States Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1975.

On December 4th 1980 {4 days before the assassination of John Lennon} Stella Walsh ws a bystander during an armed robbery in Cleveland. She would be struck by a bullet and killed at age 69. When they performed an autoposy it showed the Stella Walsh possessed male genitalia.