1924 Paris Games- “Chariots Of Fire”-Eric Liddle


Eric Liddle was the other runner whose story was told in the Oscar winning film “Chariots of Fire”  Eric Liddle was born in 1902 in China, the son of missionaries. Eric was Scottish, besides being a runner he was also a rugby player.

Going into the 1924 Olympic season, his best event was the 100 meters, the Olympic Games schedule was published a few months ahead of time. When Liddle saw that the 100 meter preliminaries would be held on Sunday, he switched his focus to the 4oo meters. He would not run on Sunday because he was a devout Christian and it was against his beliefs to run on Sunday. Can you imagine someone doing that today? Passing on their best event because it was against their beliefs? {Below Eric Liddle winning at the 1924 Paris Games}


Before the final in the 400 meters at the 1924 Paris games, an American Olympic team masseur handed him a slip of paper which read  I Samuel 2:30 : Those who honor me I will honor”  Liddle went on to win the 400 meters in Olympic and World Record time. His record of 47.6 seconds would stand for 12 years. A few days earlier he had won a bronze medal in the 200 meters.

Eric Liddle would like his parents be a missionary in China from 1925-1943. During World War II he was interned at the Weihsein Internment Camp. He would die of a inoperable brain tumor at the age of 43.