Pro Football Hall of Fame- Pat Tillman

They have Pat Tillman’s jersey in the Hall of Fame. Pat Tillman a safety of the Arizona Cardinals walked away from a million dollar a year contract in 2001 and joined the Rangers [his brother Kevin at the same time quit playing minor league baseball to join} He was killed by friendly fire in April 2004-dying at the age of 27.

Jon Krakauer wrote a decent book about the Pat Tillman story called “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman” and there was a documentary that came out a couple years ago called “The Tillman Story” both are good but not great in my opinion. Maybe the problem I have with both lie with the fact Pat Tillman was a complicated man. There are things we will never know about him. He wasn’t someone who talked a lot about himself. He didn’t join the Rangers as a self-promotion. He joined and shut up and went about his job. What do I think of Pat Tillman? I run a Fantasy Football League-I named it the “Pat Tillman League”

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  1. i really do not have words to describe my thoughts on this. i would agree with you that both the book and movie fall short. with so many people that shamelessly self promote today – i have to wonder sometimes if tillman were not even human. he certainly did not do much to draw attention to the things he was doing – he let others do that. all he wanted to do was his job.

    i can think of no other athletes that would walk away from what they were doing to join the service.

  2. true. complicated man here. i did not agree with all of his philosophies nor would he agree with mine, but i think we could have had a very interesting set of conversations.

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