PNC Park in Pittsburgh The Best Ballpark in the Major Leagues

Took in the past two Cubs-Pirate games at PNC Park. The red-hot Pirates of course go into a big hitting slump and score just one run total in both games.

I have been to 33 major league ballparks- including 17 of the current ballparks and if I were to rank them PNC comes out on top of the current ballparks, my favorite ever is Tiger Stadium in Detroit. I have lived to have seen ballgames in three baseball parks in Pittsburgh. When I was young I saw about 20 games at Forbes Field. My grandfather took me to the next to last game ever played there in 1970. Forbes Field was wonderful. Then we had from 1970-2000 the cookie cutter Three River Stadium which was an awful place to see a ballgame. Brutal.  In the past 12 seasons I have not heard anyone say “Boy, I miss Three River Stadium”

When PNC Park opened in 2001 I remember someone from ESPN said that the Pirates playing at PNC Park was like a homeless man wearing a tuxedo. Finally after all those years of losing the Pirates look to have their first ever winning season at PNC [and their first winning season overall since 1992}  PNC is a great place to watch a game-not a bad seat in the place and most of the seats are excellent and you get the greatest view from any ballpark in the league.

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