Pete Rose to have reality show?

I don’t think there is much of an interest in Pete Rose anymore. Even the Hall of Fame chatter has died down. He was an extremely competitive ballplayer. He’d do anything to win. He’s not that interesting of a person- one-dimensional. Pete would do anything for a buck. He can’t be embarrassed. He lied for nearly 20 years about betting on baseball. The thing that strikes me is how he still talks about wanting to be reinstated -not because of the Hall of Fame but so he can manage again. Pete needs a wake up call into reality- no one is going to hire you Pete. You haven’t managed for 24 years- you can’t manage yourself let alone a ballclub. You are in your seventies. It’s not happening.

Also this jazz about meeting with my friend Allan “Bud” Selig…they are not going to reinstate you in your lifetime. Pete Rose to have a reality show. Pete Rose and reality in the same sentence?

Not doubt Pete has a table on the sidewalk at Cooperstown this weekend signing autographs during Hall of Fame induction weekend. The man knows no shame.  But they still love him in the Natti.


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