One of my favorite places- Wonder Book and Video

Back in 2000 we were camping in the Hagerstown, Maryland area -and we had a rainy day. Nothing to do so we were driving around the area and Mrs. Postcard saw a book store. The bookstore was called “Wonder Book and Video” Turns out there were two  Wonder Book stores in Hagerstown and one in nearby Frederick, Maryland. {now there is one in Hagerstown, one in Frederick and a smaller one in Gatthersburg, Maryland}

When I first walked into the store I was overwhelmed with the by all the books I was seeing. In the past dozen years we head over that way 3-4 times a year and Wonder Book is always a must stop.  Wonder Book is a used bookstore. The majority of used bookstores I’ve been to sell their used books for what I consider a high price. Maybe it just seems that way to me because the books at Wonder Book are so cheap. The prices on most books are very reasonable. I usually walk away with a big bag of books for around $30. Paperbacks are usually around $3 or cheaper. Hardback books depending on the condition of the book run maybe $2 to $7. Of course they do have books that are priced higher but usually when I pick up a book I think..this is robbery.

We usually spend a couple hours in the store. There is never enough time. They have books on anything and everything. They are organized by subject matter. This is my favorite bookstore. I have been to some great used bookstores but the thing that makes this store a gem is as I mentioned before- the prices. Last summer I was in Philadelphia and there was a really outstanding used bookstore in the area of Independence Hall. The only thing I found wrong with it were the high prices for the used books. There were no books that I ran across the price of the ones at Wonder Book. Why spend $20 for a hardback there when I could go to Wonder and get the same one for more than half the price.

Wonder Book is one of my favorite places. I wish they would open a store near where I live. Or maybe its best they don’t. I’d be there everyday.

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    • the nearest Chic-Fil-A is an hour away -same thing here.. glad there isn’t a White Castle nearby either…Mrs. Postcard and I had the discussion “Best fast food place” we both agreed Chic-Fil-A….also there is a Rita’s an hour away…love frozen custard there…if there was one here…i’d be there everyday…not good…

  1. there are 2 chic-fil-a’s that are about equidistant from my dwelling, fortunately i can resist the urge most of the time. hopefully i will be moving out to the sticks in the near future.

    • as i said to mrs. postcard about chic fil a—i’ve never gotten sick or felt…blah…after eating chic-fil-a…can’t go wrong with a #1..upgraded…with a lemonade..

  2. has to be the right day for lemonade for me. i dont care for ice – so usually coke or dr pepper with no ice. the lemonade is not cold without ice so has to be a day when i am tolerable of ice

    • i like the lemonade but- they do load it with ice..and after drinking it–i am thirsty…nothing does that job like water..

  3. no i drink water quite a bit – just saying i am leery of it. but not all water is equal. best water i have ever had was in aruba. that was really really good water

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