Joe Dimaggio Hits in his 56th consecutive game-on this day in 1941

On this day in 1941 Joe Dimaggio got a hit in his 56th consecutive game. His hitting streak would end the next day in Cleveland. The pitchers who ended the streak were Al Smith and Joe Bagby Jr. Ken Keltner made great plays at third base robbing Dimaggio of hits in that game.

During his 56 game hitting streak the great Dimaggio was 91 for 223 a .408 average. He had 15 home runs and 55 RBI. Incredibly while Dimaggio was on that streak [which started May 15 and ended July 17th} Ted Williams hit .412. After the streak ended Dimaggio went on a 17 game hitting streak -so in 74 games he had hits in 73 of them.

Hitting streaks were nothing new to Joe Dimaggio-in the minor leagues one  year he had a 61 game hitting streak. As far as hit major league record 56, the closest anyone has came since is 44 when Pete Rose did it in 1978. I would bet no one will break the Dimaggio Record. {and Pete Rose would probably bet on it too} I don’t think anyone could stand the pressure that would be put on you nowadays. Camera’s would be recording your every move. Rose was 12 away from tying it and the media was going wild and that was in 1978.

1941 was a great year in baseball. Dimaggio’s steak. Ted Williams hitting .406 [will anyone ever hit .400 again?]

A great read on Joltin’ Joe- is  Richard Ben Cramer’s book “Joe Dimaggio: A Hero’s Life”



2 responses to “Joe Dimaggio Hits in his 56th consecutive game-on this day in 1941

  1. in the interest of fair disclosure i am a ted williams fan. i have nothing against joe dimaggio at all. i think that his streak was most impressive, but his 41 season was nothing like williams 41 season. joe was mr baseball. williams only cared about hitting.
    with that said, if you wanted best player overall for a team take dimaggio. if you needed a bat to win you games and excitement take williams

    • both had great seasons… Joe played in new york and he played with the Yanks…he was also a graceful looking player..ted was the greatest hitter who ever lived and should have won the mvp in 41…..imagine hitting 406 and NOT being MVP…Over the years I would ask the older fans I’d run into at ballgames or older people i knew who were fans and I’d always ask them “who is the greatest player you ever saw”..the answer was usually Dimaggio…when I ask who was the greatest pitcher..more often than not Sandy Koufax is mentioned..

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