soapbox and rant time – you have been warned

well now i really love when i fire up my compy and i am served a healthy portion of hypocrisy. so harry reid – you have no problem with the US military uniforms being made in china. you have no problem with the chinese being our largest debt holder because neither you nor your idiot colleagues can figure out how to balance a budget (and that goes whether you are a D an R or an I) but OHNOES its the end of the world if the US olympic team wears uniforms made in china.

it did not surprise me at all to see boehner, and pelosi and the other names mentioned in the story. amazing how all of them express outrage, yet none of them ask ‘geez i wonder if the actions that we have undertaken or lack thereof have contributed to this action?’ wait what would i be thinking – any politician taking responsibility would be a first.

i do not fault the ralph lauren company for using the rules that the government set up to advance their business model. other companies do the same thing every day. the last several administrations have been very unfriendly to business. its no wonder that many of them have chosen to move corporate headquarters overseas.

politicos – examine your own actions and figure out what could you do to make this country strong again? is what you are doing the best for everyone involved? do you even have any answers or ideas? if not get out of the way, go find something else to do – on your own dime and not the taxpayers.

we are citizens not subjects. its too bad we are not smart enough to vote all of you out.