Hamilton-Burr Duel on this day in 1804

On this day in 1804- former Secretary of the Treasury  Alexander Hamilton {the man on the $10 bill-who wasn’t a dead president} was killed in a duel with the sitting Vice-President of the United States Aaron Burr had their famous duel in Weehawken, New Jersey. The two men had long standing political and personal differences with each other.  Burr who was not known as being a good shot, shot and wounded Hamilton, was was taken back across the river to Manhattan where he died the next day.

Aaron Burr’s political career was pretty much over after he killed Hamilton. Burr’s reputation has never recovered, Hamilton is remembered today as probably the greatest cabinet member in American history-having been the architect of our economic system.

6 responses to “Hamilton-Burr Duel on this day in 1804

  1. do you think that any politician today would be electable after killing another politician?

    granted if dueling were still allowed i dont think we would have as many members of congress as we do now. and would it be fair for a woman to challenge a man to a duel? if the man won the duel would he be looked down upon for besting a woman?

    • I don’t think so..it pretty much ruined Burr’s life after he killed Hamilton… can you imagine something like that happening today? Joe Biden challanging say Donald Rumseld to a duel?.. When I was thinking about Hamilton-Burr the closest thing I could think of today is when those rappers were having each other knocked off a decade or so ago…

  2. LOL east coast poli’s versus the west coast poli’s. i can see pelosi cruising down pennsylvania ave in her escalade gunship with her posse in tow throwing lead at boehners crew in their navigators. oh yeah.

    • I am trying to picture that..if anything both sides would get together and have a big laugh on how they’ve been screwing over the average american ….now back to analyising the merits of Charlie Kerfeld’s credentials for the Hall of Fame

  3. probably so. i wonder if these poli’s get together and throw bundles of hundreds at one another shouting ‘money fight – money fight’
    i saw that on an episode of the simpsons years ago with smithers and mr burns

    • i could see that.. just saw a headline on drudge about all the money polosi is making on investments….only in america..

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