American Swimmer Tyler Clary Goes After Michael Phelps

Personally I am Michael Phelps’ed out. I know I will be in a minority when I say this but I hope in the two events they are both entered in- that Clary beats  Phelps. Phelps has won 14 golds. I can see how it would be hard to stay motivated. I don’t know why he didn’t retire after 2008 if he was just going to be lazy. I never bought the Phelps act. He’s a great swimmer, can’t deny that though.  Olympic Games are only a few weeks away. This will make the swimming events more interesting. [I would kind of like to be at the Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies when Reggie and Don Sutton cross paths too}

5 responses to “American Swimmer Tyler Clary Goes After Michael Phelps

  1. If this wasn’t likely Michael Phelps’ last Olympics, I’d agree that I’m tired of all the hoopla, but I do want to see him go out strong. But as long as an American wins the race, I don’t mind who it is!

    • I want to see an American win for sure. He’s in 7 races I figure he will win a few at least. Should be interesting. If he would win all 7 that would be amazing.. I don’t think he will though.

  2. i like the olympics a lot – i wish that people would play cards closer to the vest a bit. sure its nice to boast about what you want to do, but if phelps blows this guy away only a few will remember it. if he beats phelps then he will be crowing. lets just hope to see good performances.

    • You know what I’d love. I’d love to see someone put out a great guide to the Olympics- a magazine. Previewing all the events..What network has the games this time? My favorite games -the Mexico City games of 68..

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