Great Western Vacation- Day 9 North Rim of The Grand Canyon/Buffalo Herd

From St. George we had a couple hour drive through the desert to the North Rim on the Grand Canyon. Most people visiting the Grand Canyon do so by going to the South Rim-which is easier to get to and is more commercialized with things for tourists to do. We decided before leaving on the trip that the Grand Canyon was #1 on our to see list and that we were going to go to visit both rims of the Grand Canyon. When I was 15 I saw the Grand Canyon-south rim. 20 years ago I saw the Grand Canyon by the north rim. From the north rim visitor center to the south rim visitor center it is only 10 miles. It takes 230 miles of driving to get from one side to the other though.

Right after we entered the Grand Canyon National Park we look over into a big field and we see our second buffalo herd of the trip. Of course we had to stop for 20 minutes and watch them eat. The car behind us-an interesting family. I overhead a 12 year old girl say she wanted to go out into the field and touch one, maybe ride one. I overhead an adult from that group way that the buffalo were ‘migrating” Alright. Anyhow both Mrs Postcard and I took dozens of pictures of the buffalo and watched them for a while before heading down to the north rim.