Baseball Hall of Fame Pyramid-First Basemen

I did the catchers yesterday. Now on to first base. A question that didn’t come up with the catchers but comes up now. What to do with the steroid boys? Ban them from the Hall of Fame? I have decided to let them in. I will also let Peter Edward Rose in and Shoeless Joe Jackson. Tired of those debates too. If you don’t like Pete Rose the best thing they can do is let him in. Then he becomes just another Hall of Famer. Of course on the plaques of the Steroid Boys and Rose and Shoeless Joe- it will mention their wrongdoings before mentioning anything else.

The First Basemen

Level 1- The Basement Level- Keith Hernandez, Norm Cash, Roger Connor, Mickey Vernon, Cecil Cooper, George Kelly, Tino Martinez, Jim Bottomley, Jake Beckley, Bill Terry, Gil Hodges, Will Clark, Steve Garvey, Andres Gallaraga

Level 2- Don Mattingly, Richie Allen, Dan Brouthers, George Sisler, Frank Chance, Orlando Cepeda, Carlos Del Gado, Fred McGriff, Rafael Palmero

Level 3-Jeff Bagwell, Harmon Killebrew, Hank Greenberg, Willie McCovey, Frank Thomas, Cap Anson, Buck Leonard, Tony Perez, Mark McGwire

Level 4-Eddie Murray, Johnny Mize

Level 5-Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx

7 responses to “Baseball Hall of Fame Pyramid-First Basemen

  1. if you are letting in joe jackson are you going to let in eddie cicotte? he won 240 games – but i will wait until the pitcher debate on that one.
    i dont really have any argument on any of the players or levels here. i think andres galaraga would be higher on the list if he did not play in montreal and colorado.

    actually looking back over your list i have an issue with mcgwire at the level he is at. homeruns were about all he was good for. he was not a liability with the leather, but looking over the other names there they were all multi-dimensional players. thomas hit homers but he was a good hitter as well. bagwell’s shoulder imploded but he could still run and was a smart baserunner. and he would have hit more homers if not saddled with the canyon that was the harris county domed stadium.
    now if part of the formula is that his homer chase with sosa brought back a lot of fans after the 94 strike i can see that, but imho he is not on the same level as the others at level 3.

    hate to see gehrig all by himself – double xx i think belongs – second man to 500 homers after ruth. but i can see gehrig alone. but foxx is close.

    • i thought of XX joining Gehrig. Maybe he should be at that level. Before I started this I thought it wouldn’t be as hard. I think when its all done I will look at how many I have at each level and may have to make adjustments. I imagine there will be a number of level 5 outfields and pitchers. How many do you think belong in the top level? 20-25 tops?

  2. The only player I have banned from the HOF- is Hal Chase-who from what I have read was the most crooked player ever. The guy threw games his entire career and was later involved in setting up the Black Sox Scandal. He was considered one of the greatest fielding first basemen ever. I just can’t put him in. [he was borderline anyway}

  3. maybe you put hal chase in as a ‘contributor’ *kidding*

    well as i think about it, even righting some wrongs of people that should be in the hall and are not, when it comes to the OF and P its going to be easier to discount someone than move them into a higher tier.
    i think for you and i however we have a tendency to pair down more modern athletes and elevate some of the players from the past. i think i do this on purpose because of the hype a lot of these guys get from being on tv/internet 24/7.
    if i were going to set a line i would say 21 for the outfield and i would take the under.

    • very true. in looking at this i think- at that level 5 am i going to have any modern players? there will be of course…. a tough decision was yogi berra -5 or 4. i think he’s the best catcher in major league history..the testimony and evidence i’ve read in my lifetime tells me josh gibson has to be the best ever. its too bad those guys didnt get to play MLB.

  4. i thought about listing some guys in the last post but i dont want to steal your thunder. i like what you have going here and i think you are golden. i will be doing the same in a short amount of time with college football. guess for the NFL stuff we can flip a coin on who gets the NFC and the AFC since we both support AFC teams.

    • you are the man for college football. doesn’t matter which conference for the nfl..i think we both have a good knowledge both conferences..

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