TV Icon Andy Griffith dead at 86

Andy Griffith dead at 86. I grew up watching “The Andy Griffith Show” classic tv. That show has probably been shown somewhere every day since. I never watched his later show “Matlock” He did a few movies and the first movie he did “A Face In The Crowd” was a classic. He had been in failing health in recent years. George “Goober” Lindsey died a couple months ago. Now Andy. If you believe they go in 3’s- Jim Nabors was too ill to go to Indianapolis in May to sing “Back Home In Indiana” at the Indy 500 as he has nearly every year the past 4 decades. I am trying to think who else would be left from “Andy”… Ronnie Howard of course. I think the rest are gone.

“The Andy Griffith Show” was a major hit. It was in the top 7 every year in the ratings-its final season it finished at #1. Some of those 60’s shows were not hits when they were out- “Gilligan’s Island” “Star Trek” come to mind. TV Guide ranked it the 9th greatest tv show of all times. That sounds about right. The show was on 8 seasons a total of 249 episodes. The best seasons were the first-5 seasons with Don Knotts.

I didn’t know this-just read that in 1984 the Democrat Party approached Andy about running for the senate against Jesse Helms. Andy wisely declined the offer.