Great Western Vacation- Day 5- Theodore Roosevelt National Park- North Dakota

After the Theodore Roosevelt visitor center we went out on the loop road drive. It is 28 miles long. A lot of places to pull off. A lot of animals out there near the road too.  A few Prairie Dog towns- we saw buffalo- alone and in small groups. There wer wild horses. We were looking for elk but saw none. The highlight though was late in the drive- we went around the bend and there were like 15 buffalo in a field, they started to cross the road in front of us. When we looked around a tree into the field we saw a huge herd of buffalo. I couldn’t 150 of them. We sat there for a half hour while they crossed over the road in front of the car and into a field on the other side of the road.

The Badlands themselves-not as severe as The Badlands of South Dakota but still impressive. I wish we had had time to go to the northern part of the North Dakota Badlands. Maybe next year. The trip up to see Theodore Roosevelt National Park was well worth the drive.