Great Western Vacation-Day 3-June 13,2012- Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum and Grave

Day 3- Wednesday June 13– It was a day spent driving- from Springfield, Illinois- to Iowa- straight across Iowa. The speed limit went up to 75 MPH. I noticed going across Iowa [and later all the saw across South Dakota-into North Dakota, Montana- Wyoming-Idaho-Utah-} the speed limits went up-  in Utah even up to 85 MPH…Never saw one police the entire time in all those states on the highway pulling cars over for speeding. The only time we saw police with a car on the interstate-was helping a driver who was having car trouble in Montana. I loved it. You can really make time on the highway going 80mph.

The only stop on Day 3- was in West Branch, Iowa- to visit the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum and Grave. It was right along the interstate. A great opportunity to add to my presidential graves I’ve seen list.

Hoover was a rotten president. He’s listed in the bottom 5ive of every historical list I’ve ever seen. Sometimes he’s even listed at the bottom as the worst ever. He had a great resume. He did great things in his life. Sometimes it comes down to having good or bad luck. On paper you would have thought as he took office -he’d be a pretty good president. It just didn’t work out that way. The stock market crashed, the depression hit and got worse. Hoover made statements that made him look out of touch. {He was a self made millionare} Hoover would be stomped by FDR in 1932.

Hoover lived to an old age- and served the country in many ways after his presidency. President Truman put him to work- Hoover said that added  years to his life.

The museum covered his life and presidency well. Although they highlighted the great things he did in his life- they didn’t gloss over his failures. It was a good stop during a long day of driving.