Bjorn Borg-56 years old today

Bjorn Borg who won 11 Grand Slams {11 Grand Slams in the 27 he entered during his career} and was the greatest player in tennis from the mid 70’s until 1980- 56 today. He retired in his mid 20’s. His slams all came in the French Open and Wimbledon- he won Wimbledon 5 years in a row. He tried a comeback in the 90’s that went nowhere. He seemed to have some problems. There were rumors of an attempted suicide.

In the end Borg will be remembered as one of the greatest players ever- and for his final with John McEnroe at  Wimbleton iin 1980- a match for the ages. There was a great documentary a year or so ago about Borg-McEnroe on HBO. They replay this every now and then- catch it if you can.