Clint Eastwood- 82 today

Clint Eastwood celebrates his 82nd birthday today. I think he is one of the giants of the past 40 years. He had a relatively late start to stardom-he was in his mid-30s when he started to hit his stride. I also  believe that he wasn’t given his due for his work by the critics for a long time either. He was viewed by some as a big box office hit but I think about 20 years ago people started to look at the quality of his work and show it the respect it was due. I recently bought a book of interviews with Clint by one of his early champions-the rock music critic the late Paul Nelson. That is on my ‘books to read’ list for the summer. I would be hard pressed to name my favorite Clint Eastwood movie there are so many. I always loved those “Dirty Harry” movies but I know he’s done movies that are more highly acclaimed. At 82 Clint appears to still be going strong, in good health. May he have many more productive years. I see he has a movie due out in the fall -Clint as an aging baseball scout.

I might be able to find more but I thought it was kind of odd- a lot of famous actors who were born in May who were Republicans. John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Clint…most of the actors of today seem to lean towards the left.