President John Fitzgerald Kennedy-born 95 years ago today

Today is the 95th birthday of President John F. Kennedy. How does he rank? Probably somewhere in the lower-middle. No doubt you ask someone on the street to name 5ive great presidents and JFK’s name will come up. I think this is because of how the man died. He was  president less than 3 years. I figure he would have won re-election in 1964 had he lived-and would have had 5 more years as president. His greatest accomplishments-it was his committment to the space program that helped put man on the moon. He wanted a man on the moon before the end of the decade and we did it for Johnny. He also has to get high marks for his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The low mark would have to be the Bay of Pigs invasion. Overall I think the image of JFK is more style than substance. The big question they always ask is if JFK would have lived would we have followed LBJ’s course and escalated the war in Vietnam? His aides say he wouldn’t have. Of course they say that- for the past nearly 50 years they have been glorifiying JFK in their books. Most of his advisors are now gone. I think in the future-when the emotional attachment to JFK has gone away we will get a much better analysis of his presidency. I will say this about JFK-he had much better taste in women than Bill Clinton had. JFK went after movie stars.. Clinton went after trailor trash.