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i have been having some personal struggles in  life lately, but nothing that my faith and my effectual fervent prayer cannot overcome. when i was a younger i had to read a short story by an american author named raymond carver. i do not remember what that short story was, but i remember i did like the pacing and writing of carver.

after doing some reading on my own i did some research on carver (this was well before the internet days) and learned about his life. along the way i discovered his poem ‘gravy’. this poem has had a profound impact on me. carver was an alcoholic and was not living a good life. he was told if he did not change his ways he was going to die soon – as noted in ‘gravy’. but carver changed his ways until he was felled by lung cancer.

but the bottom line is that we can always change, we do not need something catastrophic to make us change, but generally that is what happens. its never too late. no matter what our situation is, or anything – even if you have wronged someone, or someone has wronged you forgive them and seek their forgiveness of you. seek to find your place in life. for me personally, it has been to seek diligently my  Lord Jesus Christ. I have tried living my life my way and honestly it did not work out that well. living for Him is so much better. it is most definitely not the easiest thing to do, but in the long run it will be the most rewarding. /steps off soapbox

here is raymond carver’s ‘gravy’. enjoy.


No other word will do.  For that’s what it was.Gravy.
Gravy, these past ten years.
Alive, sober, working, loving, and
being loved by a good woman.  Eleven years
ago he was told he had six months to live
at the rate he was going.  And he was going
nowhere but down.  So he changed his ways
somehow.  He quit drinking!  And the rest?
After that it was all gravy, every minute
of it, up to and including when he was told about,
well, some things that were breaking down and
building up inside his head.  “Don’t weep for me,”
he said to his friends.  “I’m a lucky man.
I’ve had ten years longer than I or anyone
expected.  Pure Gravy.  And don’t forget it.”


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