Frank Thomas/Jeff Bagwell 44 today

Two future baseball Hall of Famers where born on this date in 1968. Frank Thomas 521 homers, 1667 RBI’s .301 career batting average. He also had a .419 on base percentage in his career. At age 30 Thomas seemed to be on the path of becoming one of the greatest hitters of all times but his career seemed to fall off at that point. He only had 3 Frank Thomas type seasons the rest of his career. He was the MVP in 1993 and 1994 with the White Sox. He finished his career up with Oakland and Toronto. Nicknamed- The Big Hurt.

Jeff Bagwell-played his entire major league career with the Astros.  449 homers, 1529 RBI’s .297 career batting average. He was involved in one of the worst trades in baseball history. The Red Sox were in a pennent race in 1989- they dealt minor league prospect Jeff Bagwell to the Astros for veteran relief pitcher Larry Anderson. Not quite Babe Ruth to the Yankees but this was a deal the Red Sox would live to regret. {Reminds me of another deal made in that era- Detroit trading a young minor leaguer named John Smoltz to Atlanta for Doyle Alexander}.. Bags won the Rookie of the Year award in 1991 and the MVP in 1994 . His career ended due to an artritic shoulder problem- taking a few years off his career. No doubt he’d have hit over 500 homers had he been able to continue. Also keep in mind with Bagwell-most of his career he spent playing his home games in the Astrodome-which was one of the best if not the best pitchers park in the major leagues.