When buying a sports jersey

When buying a sports jersey you really need to consider will the player whose jersey I am buying-have any lasting fame. I was at a Pirate game the other day and saw a man wearing a Nate McLouth jersey. Nate McLouth is probably the worst player in baseball. I figure the man bought the jersey 4 years ago when McLouth was a decent player for the Pirates…but only a decent player. There was never a time when buying a Nate McLouth jersey made sense. Jersey’s last a long time. They are fairly expensive. Jason Bay for a brief period of time was a star for the Pirates. You will still see some guy wearing a Bay jersey at a Pirate game. I don’t think Bay makes the cut. Probably no player the Pirates have had this century is worth having a jersey of- McCutcheon may be an exception.  I don’t know how many Steeler jersey’s I’ve seen of Kordell Stewart or Eric Pegram. Even a Willie Parker jersey was a mistake. He’s now a distant memory.

The Jersey you buy in my opinion should be of a player who in ten, fifteen years should be looked at at a great player. I saw a Mets fan at the game with a Tom Seaver jersey. That’s pretty cool. At a Pirate game you see a lot of Clemente and Stargell jersey’s-very good. I think when it comes down to it if I were the man in the McLouth jersey -as I was getting dressed to go to the game that day- maybe wearing a white t-shirt with nothing on it would be better than putting on your #13 McLouth jersey.

Last summer I was in Washington and took in a Nationals game. I saw something I’d never saw before-someone wearing a jersey of a manager. The guy had a Jim Riggleman jersey on. After the game we get back to the hotel and I  got on the internet and the big news story was-Jim Riggleman quit after the game. I immediately thought of the man with the Riggleman jersey. Unless is last name is Riggleman why would you have thought that was a wise choice in the first place {Jim Riggleman is from the DC area-who knows maybe the guy wearing the jersey was his brother?}

The coolest football jersey to own I think would be an old 1960’s San Diego Charger jersey with #19  Alworth on the back. The other sports I will have to think about.

Whenever buying a sports jersey-again the question to ask is-will the player whose name on this jersey- will he be relevant in even 3 or 4 years? In 10 years will anyone even remember this guy? And don’t buy a Nate McLouth jersey. I wouldn’t even take one if they were giving them away.

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  1. The Pirates released Nate McLouth before the game today….also at the game I saw someone with an Ian Snell jersey. Ian Snell has a great talent with a ten cent head. One of the biggest disappointments in recent Pirate history. He went elsewhere and failed too…someone also had an Adam Larouche jersey. A Lyndon Larouche jersey would probably made about as much sense..

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