High tech helmets possible help for football?

Not sure that football does not need a fundamental overhaul, as it is a collision sport, but hopefully better technology with the helmets can save some brain cells and prevent some of the off field incidents that have happened lately.





2 responses to “High tech helmets possible help for football?

  1. I wonder.. over the years they have been making safer and safer helmets…and the concussion problem appears to be getting worse. Can they really make helmets that will solve this problem?

  2. i think that the fundamental issue is not better helmets, but that with all of the equipment these players feel invincible. i would like to see how often players in rugby or aussie rules get concussed. i do not think it is that often because i dont think that they lead with the head.

    i wonder if more penalties were called for leading with the head if that would curtail this. but i do not think that is the ultimate answer, as i dont think you can protect these guys from themselves

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