slicethelife is the joint venture of the finally motivated to quit lurking in the background and lets take a leap of faith.


in the coming moments – minutes, hours, days and months you will see this site take shape and reshape and change as we see fit until we have a formula that we are comfortable with and that hopefully people enjoy reading.


any and all feedback is welcome, as we start to get more comments and posts, please be respectful of your fellow commentators. everyone is just trying to make their own way through life. we are in no place to know what is going on in everyone’s life at any moment, so please consider that while disagreements and a healthy banter are welcome, please do so respectfully.



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    • Your welcome. That photo brought back some memories. Was there 9 years ago doing The Beatle Walking Tour of London.. Great stuff!

  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you’ll drop in again and find something of interest. I’m trying to do a Thought of the Day every day (but sometimes life gets in the way) and I try to honor some one who is having a birthday. Often that’s a historic or literary figure. But if you’ve got a suggestion I’m all ears (or, errr, keyboard, I guess.) Keep blogging. Cheers, Rita

    • Me too. i can’t wait..it must be the hottest/most humid day of the year here in Ohio–I am dreaming of a long cold winter.

  2. Thanks for hoping aboard the Guitar Train. I enjoyed my stop at your blog. I will be stopping by again.
    Hop back aboard the Guitar Train for the next scheduled stop at Abbey Road. Come aboard to see the cover of The Beatles album from new angles.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the latest post. Very happy that you enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more of yours, too.

  4. Thanks for the visit to my new site. I’m an expatriate American living in Asia. But I still love the nation of my birth and am deeply saddened by the political and cultural divisions tearing the US apart.
    I hope we, as a nation, can start rowing the boat together. If for no other reason than the children.
    Best wishes (Don)

  5. I like the energy of this blog… but I do wish I could see the human(s) managing it. Hooded figures are a bit creepy. The Dark Age of Secrecy is over, yay! πŸ™‚

    Btw, I was pleased that somebody “liked” my “latest” post within minutes of its being published – that’s still an awesome feeling after all these years. Thank you, hanspostcard (haha)… and I do hope we’ll be blog buddies. I’ve been active on Blogger since 2006 and am just experimenting with WP, see how the templates and features compare – it’s obsessive behavior, blogging, but at least the results are harmless and possibly of some value.

    • Thank you. I have on a couple posts put my picture out there. Quinn Maddux is a shy one, we’ll see what we can do about him. I don’t know if we want our pictures out there too often. We don’t want to scare away potential readers.
      We are new to this blogging thing. Finding our way as we go. I look forward to reading more from your blog!

  6. thanks for stopping by my site nd liking my post! i really wanted to listen to the london olympics soundtrack you posted, but the computer in the hotel doesnΒ΄t have any speaker .( glad to revisit ur site as soon as the speaker exists…

  7. Thank you for stopping by This Is The Story Of. I see that you are using the Oxygen Theme as well. Could you tell me how you got the middle column on your main page to display more then 3 articles? Also, for me, I can’t see their featured image on your main page.

    • THANK YOU! Thank you for the nomination!! There are a lot of great blogs out there [including yours!} Just having someone recognize the blog is a thrill! I enjoy working on it! Have a great holiday weekend, and thanks again for the nomination.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog post, and greetings from very rainy Kingston, Jamaica! I notice you have written some posts on sports – if you look through my archives you will see that I also wrote some during the Olympics – specifically on the Jamaican and Caribbean athletes. Looking forward to keeping in touch!

  9. Wanted to take a moment and thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post “Word of the Week Challenge entry – Clouds’ – your support is appreciated. Like you my blog is still an infant and I am working to hopefully make it an enjoyable stop for readers and followers. I look forward to watching (and learning) as you make your journey as well. Best of luck!

  10. Hi … thank you for stopping by and liking my music post. I read your Ali post and I’m in agreement with everything you wrote, including the impact of John Lennon’s death. Ali is also my greatest sports hero and I was fortunate enough to meet him. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks so much for checking out my blog post. I’m less than a week into the experiment and yours is the first ‘Like’ or comment I’ve received from someone who isn’t a friend, family member or next door neighbor! Much appreciated.

  12. I really like Tom T. Hall music and although I wasn’t familiar with “….the coffee, Billy Joe,” I listened to it and liked it also. Your site has remained one of my favorites so much that I thought I’d better tell you ever so often so you know I’m enjoying your endeavors. And thanks for liking a bunch of my stuff., too.

  13. Thanks so much for your return visit to my lil’ corner of the blogiverse and for liking “Word a Week Challenge – Metallic” Your support is appreciated! πŸ™‚

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  15. glad to have found your site. I loved some of the baseball tunes you found, and really loved some of the others. As I kid, I followed more than I do now, but, boy did you bring back some memories. Thanks for that. Have you tried hockey songs?

  16. Hi! You have got an amazing music playlist! I was born in the middle 80’s and I like this music genre in you blog . I think it connects to certain memories when I was younger when my mum and dad plays the music in the radio every night and every Sunday afternoon. I grew up listening to The Beatles and Kenny Rogers who sadly passed away recently.

    Thanks for following our blog as well. Cheers!! To you and to the music.

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