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100 Great Songs From The British Invasion 1963-1966: ‘For Your Love’- The Yardbirds. The Yardbirds first hit- and it turned out to be controversial within the group- they had been a blues roots band until this point. Guitarist Eric Clapton disapproved over the shift to doing the more commercial sounding pop rock material- and quit the group. He was replaced by Jeff Beck. Later on Jimmy Page would also join the band. “For Your Love’ was written by 18 year old Graham Gouldman who would later be a driving force in the band 10CC. Gouldman would cite The Beatles as a major influence in his writing ‘For Your Love’- who didn’t The Beatles influence? ‘For Your Love’ would be the biggest hit in The Yardbirds rather brief career. They would have six Top 40 hits- in 1965-1966. Somewhere along the line Eric Clapton got over the idea of releasing commercial material. Keith Reif the vocalist for The Yardbirds- was electrocuted at the age of 33 in 1976 in his basement while playing an electric guitar.

Single:’For Your Love’- The Yardbirds/ Written by Graham Gouldman/ Record Company-Epic/ Recorded February 1, 1965/ Time: 2:38/ Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky/ Released on April 9, 1965 in US, March 5, 1965 UK/ Peaked at #6 in US Billboard Hot 100 and #1 in UK Singles Chart.


  1. Great song. The electrified harpsichord and the Ricky Ricardo bongos. Way ahead of it’s times. Jimmy Page was the best fit since I can’t imagine Clapton playing their music. Back in 65 before they were known in the US, they were playing small venues here. Kenny and the Kasuals, a great local Dallas band was playing at one of the premiere teen dance clubs in Dallas, The Studio Club. The owner of the club asked Kenny after their afternoon set-up and sound check, if a British band passing through town could play a set on their gear, and of course Kenny said ok. They were British, of course they could! Well, it turned out to be the Yardbirds and they blew the roof off of the place. Kenny, a friend of mine, said years later, “well that was a big mistake.” Not really though, he became a fan. Dallas and Fort Worth has as much rock history as LA and New York. Just saying.

  2. A lot of blues-oriented bands found they had to do songs like this to get people to listen to them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Rolling Stones were the same way. This was a great song…

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