Billie Jean [Vinyl]

Ranking The 16 #1 Billboard Hits Of 1983. Picking the #1 was difficult two of my favorite singles of the decade. I almost gave it a tie but decided that making these kind of decisions is why they pay me the big money…

16. ‘Maniac’- Michael Sembello

15. ‘Say, Say, Say’- Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

14. ‘”Flashdance.. What A Feeling’- Irene Cara

13. ‘Baby, Come To Me’- Patti Austin with James Ingram

12-‘Islands In The Steam’- Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

11-‘Tell Her About It’- Billy Joel

10-‘All Night Long [All Night’]- Lionel Train Richie

9- ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’- Bonnie Tyler

8-‘Africa’- Toto

7- ‘Down Under’- Men At Work

6-‘Beat It’- Michael Jackson

5-“Let’s Dance’- David Bowie

4–‘Sweet Dreams [Are Made Of This]- Eurythmics

3-‘Come On Eileen’- Dexys Midnight Runners

2-‘ Every Breath You Take’- The Police

1-‘Billie Jean’- Michael Jackson

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