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Deep Cuts From 1971:’ Sam Stone’- John Prine. I could probably- and most likely will highlight every song from John Prine’s great debut album – the self titled John Prine by the time this year is over. Prine would go on to a long career that only ended last year with his death at the age of 73 from COVID. I became a big fan of John Prine’s when I ‘discovered’ him in the late 1970’s- and he became one of those artists whose every album became an automatic must buy. If I were to rank his albums the debut would rank at #1. When I listen to this album it seems impossible that these songs were written by a young man who had yet to turn 25 years old. The wisdom and compassion he shows in his songwriting is way beyond is years. ‘Sam Stone’ is a song about a Vietnam vet with a fatal drug habit. I think it is one of the best songs he would ever write.

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  1. That’s a great song, Hans. Man, I have to further explore John Prine, and it sounds like his debut album would be a great place to start.

    BTW, as I listened to the beginning of “Sam Stone,” I immediately thought, ‘gee, I’ve heard this before.” Of course, the chord progression is not uncommon, and I’m not trying to play gotcha here, but check this out. I think the comparison also came to me since both tunes are war-related.

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