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All Together Now: Ranking All The Beatles Songs: So far #204″ “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, #203:” Mr. Moonlight”, 202:”Wild Honey Pie”, 201: “Chains”, 200:”Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? 199: “Honey Don’t.” 198: “A Taste Of Honey”, #197: “Matchbox”- #196: “Devil In Her Heart” # 195: “Little Child”, #194: “Anna”, #193: “Dig It.” #192: Maggie Mae” #191: “Do You Want To Know A Secret.”.”#190:”Flying” 189: ‘Her Majesty.” #188: “Run For Your Life” #187: “Till There Was You.” #186: ” Dig A Pony”, #185:” Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby. #184:” Bad Boy”, #183:”She’s A Woman.”#182: “Words Of Love”, #181:”Thank You Girl.” #180:’Slowdown” #179:” Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.: #178: ‘ When I Get Home” and #177: ‘Ask Me Why.’ 176:” What Goes On” #175: “Misery.” #174:’Dizzy Miss Lizzy’, #173: ‘Hold Me Tight.’ #172:’ Please Mr. Postman’ #171:’Your Mother Should Know.’, #170:’ Baby It’s You’ #169: ‘Don’t Bother Me.’ #168: Roll Over Beethoven” #167: “I Call Your Name, #166: ‘ Honey Pie’ #165:’ Don’t Pass Me By.’ #164: ‘ I Wanna Be Your Man’ #163: ‘Boys’, #162: ‘It Won’t Be Long’ #161: ‘One After 909. #160: ‘Act Naturally’ #159: ‘Long Tall Sally’, #158:’ Revolution #9′ and #157: ‘I’ll Get You.”

106: Deconstructing The Beatles – Revolution 9 | Something About The Beatles

#158-‘Revolution #9″ from The White Album- If there were a vote ‘Revolution #9’ would probably win as the most detested Beatles song- – if you call it a song it’s more a collage of sounds. I will admit back in my early days as a Beatles freak it was one I didn’t like- but over the years I have grown to appreciate it. I can’t say the same for Mrs. Postcard. Every time I have played The White Album on a car trip- all is fine until we get to “Revolution #9” and then we get like 20 seconds in and she looks over at me and asks to please play something else. While I am kind of obsessive about playing all albums from start to finish without skipping tracks, I always go along with her request. This is John’s work- he would call it ‘The music of the future.’ I would call it the song for the year 2020.


#157: ‘I’ll Get You’- the b-side to “She Loves You’- a song that was mainly written by John with an assist from Paul- so it is a true Lennon -McCartney tune. It can now be found on the Past Masters I album. John and Paul sing most of the song in unison. I like the song- a little early gem that doesn’t get much attention.


  1. Mrs. Postcard and I are on the same page with Revolution 9. The other song is sweet and takes me back to those days when it was made. Things seemed so much simpler back then.

  2. I had no idea this song was so universally despised. It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s different, that’s all. I wouldn’t put it high on my a list of favorites, but I wouldn’t put it among their worst either.

  3. It’s grown on me through the years. I love hearing where it goes…it’s like a river and keeps turning down different paths. Yes I would say most would put it way down the list…not me!

  4. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard “Revolution #9” in its entirety, but I’m in agreement with Mrs. Postcard. It’s nothing but a bunch of discordant noise that sounds like a soundtrack to a film about someone hallucinating or having a nervous breakdown, and would rank dead last among all Beatles songs for me. On the other hand, I like “I’ll Get You”.

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