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Great Baseball Nicknames: ‘Mr. October’- Reggie Jackson. Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson earned his nickname ‘Mr. October’- because of his heroics in October- when the playoffs and World Series games are played. One of the great highlights in World Series history was his three home runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series. To make that performance even more incredible- the three home runs were off of three different pitchers- and were three pitches in a row. I was rooting for the Dodgers in that World Series- but when he blasted his third home run in that game- I wasn’t the only one who had to give it to Reggie- as Reggie passed first base on his way around the bases Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey clapped inside of his glove. Over the years of course some fans have come to believe that Reggie always came through in the clutch- of course he didn’t- no one does- BUT one of the things I loved about Reggie Jackson was he lived to be in those situations. He wanted to be at bat with the game on the line. The Mr. October nickname suited him perfectly.

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  1. “cough cough” … yes he did live up to it. I have to give him that credit….and those 3 homeruns broke a 10 year old’s heart.

    That is why when he dropped Lope’s fly ball in the 81 WS and cost them game 4 it felt really good… because you are right…he was great in those situations. Even when he failed like with Bob Welch…he would make it up… he hit a homerun against him later in the 78 series.

    • That showdown with Welch was certainly memorable– you always watched when Reggie was up- even his striking out was exciting.. I talked once to a NY sportswriter- he said Reggie wasn’t exactly the nicest fellow to deal with- to put it nicely. But the thing he said that I think was revealing- if it was a big network guy who could do Reggie good Reggie was very friendly- if it was someone who Reggie thought couldn’t do him any good- he treated them lousy.

    • I have seen where he didn’t know the TV cameras were running and he was pretty rude. I will never forget the straw that stirs the drink.

      Munson never did either. Although they were friendly at the end.

  2. much better than being “Mr March.” I guess Reggie is one good example of disproving some staticians say there’s no such thing as a “clutch hitter.”

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