My Dinner with Andre Poster Movie (27 x 40 Inches - 69cm x 102cm) (1982)

2021 Movie Draft- Round 6 Pick 10- Hanspostcard selects drama- My Dinner With Andre.

Back in the late 1970’s one Saturday afternoon I stumbled across the Siskel and Ebert movie review show for the first time and I was hooked. There were many movies I wouldn’t have seen if not for that show. One movie that stands above all the ones I discovered through Siskel and Ebert- was My Dinner With Andre. Both Gene and Roger loved the movie it sounded something that would be right up my alley -and I had to go see it.

My Dinner With Andre is a unique movie- forty years later I still haven’t come across anything quite like it. On the surface it sounds like it could be boring- two guys sitting in a New York City restaurant talking for over an hour and a half. It is anything but boring. You could divide the movie into two parts. Wallace Shawn [ best known for his acting in The Princess Bride – which came a few years later]- meets up with an old friend and mentor theater director Andre Gregory. They hadn’t seen each other in years and they have some catching up to do. Shawn had heard all kinds of crazy stories about Gregory in recent years- and the first half of the movie consists of Wally asking Andre what he’s been up to- and Gregory talking. The first half is mostly made up of Andre telling stories and what a great story teller he is. I personally have never had any interest in the theater- but Andre is a great storyteller. The second half of the movie has Wally more involved. Andre and Wally argue- really discuss- living and the best way to live your life. Wally’s life is the more normal life which I am sure most of us would more easily relate to but a lot of what Andre says makes sense too- and it always makes me think. I have watched this movie a couple dozen times over the years and every time I watch it- it stays with me for a while. I look at life a little differently. For a little while I even live a little differently. I try and break the everyday habits I have fallen into. I watched My Dinner With Andre on Saturday- I have spent time each day since- thinking about it. My Dinner With Andre- a great and thought provoking movie-that I would recommend everyone see- at least once. You’ve never seen another movie like it.

Below Roger Ebert’s review of My Dinner With Andre – from 1981.



  1. So glad someone included this one. To me, it’s a brilliant example of cinematic minimalism. Since pursuing this film off of Roger Ebert’s Greatest Movies list, I have seen it three times, and I can honestly say that watching two friends converse at a restaurant table continues to be entertaining. And, I think it’s because of what you wrote: They are both very good storytellers, and there is an art in portraying people, places, and things through dialogue. Great write-up!

  2. I found out about this movie in a backward way… I saw My Breakfast with Blassie…the Andy Kaufman movie and that led me to this one of course. I don’t guess it matters how we get there…as long as we do.
    I haven’t seen it in ages and will soon again…thanks for the reminder Hans.

  3. I’ve never seen this one but have heard it referenced many times in other movies and TV shows. But after your review, I want to see it… I like the dialog-driven movies more than Big Bang Action flicks.

  4. I saw it way back when it first came out and the memory of it is cached in the uncomfortable box. Maybe time to give it another watch. I like the clip but stopped it before he goes into the restaurant as I want to view it fresh. Must be something pretty special for you to think about it every day, Hans. Once I see it I’d like to discuss it more.

  5. I remember when this came out. I think I saw the Siskel/Ebert clip you included when it aired. I watched those two quite frequently. It makes me sad that both men are dead, now and we don’t get movie reviews like before.

    I’ve never seen the movie from beginning to end but, have caught several clips of it. Andre clearly had some life altering events occur to him…an awakening of sorts. I know the feeling.

    • yes I miss those two guys and it is sad that no one has been able to pick up the slack- a show like that is needed but I guess it takes special talents to make it work like their show did.

    • Well, sadly, these days, reviews of movies are now handled by industry insiders, paid to shill (push a product) or, covered by those that must highlight how “woke” the material is. Rare is it that a movie just “tells a story” and that story is reviewed fairly on merit and/or actor and/or director performance. It appears that, bringing a character to life within the context of an engaging backstory is being replaced with action, CGI and witty-woke one-liners (or zombies). *sigh*

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