My Music Listening Journal 2021: Day 59: Wednesday March 10, 2021.

The words "The Beatles" embossed on a plain white background, with a serial number in the lower right
  • THE BEATLES: THE BEATLES [THE WHITE ALBUM] 1968: 5 + STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: IPOD: ROCK: On my Mount Rushmore of Beatles albums [ Revolver, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, The White Album] an exceptional hodgepodge of music. You get a little of everything- even a few clunkers but I am even glad they included the likes of ‘Wild Honey Pie’ for example. I had a 45 minute trip today- each way and it was a perfectly timed listen. This is also the first indication -knowing what we know now that the end of The Beatles was approaching.


    • In my mind there was always a longer time between the white album and the end but when i think about it– the white album was released in late fall 1968 and they were actually all but over less than a year later- all but the announcing it was over… and there was a lot of music that was still to come in a short period of time.. yes we were lucky.

    • It was a short time in the scheme of things. I guess by September of 69 they knew for sure.

      It does make me want Mark’s books even more…what happened after Abbey Road?

      It’s gotten confusing lately…while what you are saying is more than true…that tape of them after Abbey Road talking about a new album with so many of George’s songs etc that needed to be on there…it could have been in a fleeting moment or John in a good mood…but that made me think…what was going on?

    • Maybe it was just a good day or two when things were going well and they forgot about the troubles they were having? … I hope as we write this- that Mark is slaving away on Vol.2. I am really interested in his take on Yoko– but that won’t come until Vol 3……oh well..

  1. One of the first Beatles albums I got as a kid in the 80s. I think because it was a double album that was just called “The Beatles” I thought it was a greatest hits album. Instead it was full of weird s— I’d never heard before. I loved it, even stuff like “Revolution No. 9” which most Beatles’ fans hate. There are some definite clunkers on there, but I agree that it would be hard to decide what to leave off if they’d wanted to make it a single album. Throwing everything at the wall is what makes the album great.

    • I don’t think I’d recommend the Beatles to anyone as a first Beatles album- but I am glad it worked for you! A great album but I think Rubber Soul might be the best gateway album for a new fan. I think Sgt. Pepper was the first studio album I bought- after the Rock And Roll compilation and the Red and Blue albums. … I’ve grown to like Revolution #9 also..

    • Now that you mention it, I did have the Red Album at this point and when I picked up the White Album at the store I was expecting it to be something more like what I would later find out was on the Blue Album. Instead, it blew my mind. I think the Beatles would appreciate that.

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