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2021 Movie Draft- Round 5 Pick 5- Strange Dylan selects- Sci Fi- Blade Runner.

Blade Runner is one of those films that everyone should watch at least once in their life. The film is also one of the best films ever made and one that is still relatable today. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a Blade Runner, a special group of policemen that are required to shoot and kill replicants, androids who have super strength that are used for off-world colonies. 

First and foremost, the shots in this film will draw anyone in. The neon lights mixed with the never-ending rain sets a mood that films today fail to get close to. Another really seductive aspect was the music which is executed beautifully by The Vangelis. Sharp chords of synths mixed with a jazzy underscore which feels reminiscent of 1940 hard-boiled detective stories. My personal favorite track is Tears In The Rain which brings me to another aspect, the acting. 

In one of the earlier cuts of the film, Deckard has a horrid voice-over, but thankfully it was taken out in the Final Cut of the film which was released in 2007. Ford does a really good job with his character and gives the noir and sci-fi genre a new spin as the question arises if he is a replicant or not. However, I get very upset when I hear others debate over this question as that is not what the film is really asking you. The film (to me) asks what does it truly means to be human? and there’s no better way to express this than the character of Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) which rivals the performance of Robert Mitchum and Heath Ledger. A replicant who clearly has been through more in his 4-year life span than anyone with ambitions has. But I will stop my thoughts on him here or I will spoil the experience. 

One of the last things I really took to heart was the set design.  They used miniatures for some of the shots, which have stunning detail and fully immerse the audience into the film; the sets themselves tell a story as well. The massive and decaying buildings feel almost like a tomb for the inhabitants and it’s eerie to a degree. Alongside the sets is the large advertisements that blast in the faces of so many people; consumerism is at large and enslaves the people to their products. 

Blade Runner will always be a film in my top 5 lists. I really hope you all give it a shot! It is one of those films that will stick with you and not be lost like tears in the rain. 


  1. Excellent choice and good review, Bailey! You cover some of the great things about the film. I remember reading an article way back about the architecture in there and wish I would have saved it. It did feel very tomblike. I have seen this movie many many times and so have my kids. It all works together so well. I enjoyed every character that was in it, each had their charms. I haven’t seen it without the voiceover but I like that kind of voice-over in movies. It lends an additional layer of storytelling. I think your dad said you’ve seen and liked Blade Runner 2049? Do you think they did a good job on it? I personally loved it!

  2. Excellent movie. It came out when I was 15. I didn’t get to see it at the theater because it had an R rating. I finally caught it when it was released to HBO. Sean Young was gorgeous and I was fascinated with Harrison Ford after Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back & Raiders of the Lost Ark. I had no idea that was Daryl Hannah until Splash came out.

    I love Ridley Scott stuff.

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