Hans Remembers- Saturday December 12, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • The Doors performed at The Warehouse in New Orleans on this evening- and it would turn out to be the last concert The Doors with Jim Morrison as their front man would ever perform. Morrison and The Doors would record one more album -one of their best L.A. Woman- before Morrison departed for Paris where he would die in early July 1971.
  • I knew the story/ tragedy of hockey player Brian ‘Spinner” Spencer- but I didn’t know this- his father Roy was enraged that his son Brian didn’t appear on Hockey Night In Canada on this evening- they had chosen a different game. What does Roy Spencer do- he drove 84 miles to the closest CBC affiliate in Prince George and held technicians at gunpoint and demanded that they telecast the Toronto Maple Leafs game in which Brian was playing. After the game ended Roy Spencer got into a shootout with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police- and was killed. Brian Spencer would play ten years in the NHL- and had a troubled life after his career ended. In 1988 he was shot to death following a crack cocaine purchase in Florida. In 1999 Brian Spencer’s daughter and grandson were killed in a car accident.
  • Actress Jennifer Connelly who won an Academy Award for her role in A Beautiful Mind- was born 50 years ago today in Cairo, New York.
  • Orlando “Zeus” Brown a tackle in the NFL from 1993-2005 was born in Washington, D.C. In 1999 he was involved in an incident where he was accidentally hit in the eye with a penalty flag thrown by referee Jeff Triplette. Brown would come back on the field and knock Triplette to the ground. He would be thrown out of the game and suspended. He would suffer temporary blindness from the incident and miss three seasons. He would die at the age of 40 in 2011. His son Orlando Jr now plays for the Baltimore Ravens.


  1. I was watching that game when it happened. In watching a lot of football for the past 50 plus years I’ve never seen an injury like that one.

  2. I remember the eye hitting incident…I knew nothing about Brian Spencer…that is beyond terrible. Wonder what pushed his dad into doing that?

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