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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs: #52: “I’m The Greatest” -Ringo Starr.

When The Beatles broke up in early 1970- there was some concern over what would happen to Ringo. He wasn’t a songwriter and while he was usually given a song an album to sing- he wasn’t an accomplished vocalist. His main strength was as a drummer. After the break-up of The Beatles- Ringo still got along fine with the other Beatles and John and George especially would be of help. George would write my two favorite Ringo singles- “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Photograph.” Ringo would work as a drummer with John and John wrote this song “I”m The Greatest” for Ringo- and it appeared on Ringo’s finest solo album- Ringo which was released in 1973. It turned out there was no reason to worry for Ringo- in the first half of the 70’s he had hit after hit- and they were big hits- in all he had 8 Top 10 singles in the US from 1971- 1975 including 2 #1’s- “Photograph” and “You’re Sixteen” both of which were on the Ringo album. John had originally written the song in late 1970 and later tailored the song to fit Ringo. John had taken the title from Muhammad Ali- who was always saying “I’m The Greatest.” George and John both played with Ringo on this song- marking the only time from The Beatles break-up until John’s death in 1980- that three Beatles played on the same song.