Gedenken an den Kniefall von Willy Brandt vor 50 Jahren in Warschau

Hans Remembers- Monday December 7, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • German Chancellor Willy Brandt went down on his knees in front of the monument to the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto- during his visit to the Polish capital and then placed a wreath at the site. The symbolic act of German remorse for its persecution of Poland’s Jews would become known as the Warschauer Kniefall. Brandt during his visit to Poland would also sign the treaty with Poland acknowledging West Germany’s acceptance of the cession of former German territory east of the Odor River.
  • Popular cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize winner Rube Goldberg died at the age of 87. Less than two weeks earlier he had appeared at a dinner at the Smithsonian Institution to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of his work, including working models of his humorous conceptions agonizingly intricate inventions to accomplish simple tasks.
  • Switzerland’s ambassador to Brazil Giovanni Enrico Bucher was kidnapped in Rio de Janeiro- the kidnappers demanded the release of 70 political prisoners. After being held hostage 40 days- Bucher was released- after Brazil’s deportation of the 70 prisoners to Chile.