“WALK OUT TO WINTER”- Aztec Camera. Today the calendar turned to December- and around midnight the temperatures fell below freezing and it started snowing. We didn’t get all that much snow but enough were the two lane roads were covered. Walking from the car to the library the wind was howling- the wind chill was in the teens. The sidewalks were covered and slippery and the song that came to my head was this outstanding song from 1983- “Walk Out To Winter”- Aztec Camera.

A week or so ago in Music City Mike’s blog- he did his Best Albums of 1983 list- and on the list at #1- Aztec Camera’s – High Land, Hard Rain album. Here is the link to his countdown –


In looking over lists from 1983 albums- he couldn’t have made a better pick. A great album- and one of the many highlights- “Walk Out To Winter.”


    • I think you will enjoy the album- it is one that I have kept going back to for nearly 40 years. Hard to believe Roddy Frame was 19 when he wrote and released this album.

  1. Whoo! A surprise but a welcome one. I love this song and the whole album it came from, like you suggest, was very good. But I found not many people in Canada knew of Aztec Camera and I don’t know if I’ve found anyone down here that knows of them (even though ‘Oblivious’ has been used in some TV shows and people around me go ‘Ooh- that’s a nice song – what is that?”)
    So for those not familiar with them, check out their best of compilation or videos like this one and ‘Oblivious’ and “somewhere in my heart”… rather sophisticated pop not too unlike say Squeeze or Level 42.
    Chilly down here too, had frost yesterday morning which is not that common in these parts of Texas.

    • Somewhere In My Heart- another favorite. Not to knock him but my expectations were sky high after the debut album. Hasn’t come close to matching it since.

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