Listening to Celtic Crush this morning- and this song was played. It caught my attention right away. I looked to see who the artist was- because it sounded like U2- it was a group called Inhaler. When the three song set that was playing was finished- Celtic Crush host Larry Kirwan said it was a group headed by Bono’s son Elijah. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

9 responses to ““MY HONEST FACE”- INHALER

  1. Nice. Had never heard of Inhaler. And, yep, there’s definitely some U2 in there.

    It could be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it might get the band some attention; on the other hand, they definitely will want to develop their own sound. Which they probably will.

    • They have released seven singles so far- this is the only song I’ve heard. I’d say they have potential.. agree they will need their own sound. They’ve had 3 Top 40 hits in Belgium!

  2. The same way I felt when I heard Julian Lennon in the mid80s with his song Valotte. I heard it while waiting tables in a popular local fastfood chain and he sounded so much like John

    • Julian, Sean, Dhani, James all of them enjoy minimal.success in their music career. Not being a front man is better I think looking at Zak Starkey here.

    • i was thinking that with Bono’s son- being in a group may prove better than being a solo artist. I agree with you on Zak- he’s been very successful as a drummer- and not having to carry the weight of songwriting and being a front line act on his shoulders.

    • I hope Bono’s son would succeed, too. I got to know his band through you and i will be in the lookout for other materials the band will produce 😊😊😊

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