Billboard #1 Hits: #393: “Disco Lady”- Johnny Taylor. #1 for 4 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single:”Disco Lady”- Johnnie Taylor
  • Record Company-Columbia
  • Genre: Disco
  • Written by Harvey Scales, Albert Vance and Don Davis
  • Time: 4:26
  • B-side:”You’re The Best Girl In The World”
  • Album- Eargasm
  • Grade: C
  • Peaked at #1 4 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #25 in UK Singles Chart.

Johnnie Taylor was 42 years old and had been around the music industry since 1953 when he had his biggest hit- “Disco Lady.” in the spring of 1976. It was his first single for Columbia Records- after his old record company Stax in Memphis had gone bankrupt. He had back in the early 50’s been in a gospel group which included Sam Cooke. Later in the decade when Cooke set up his own record company one of the first acts he signed was Taylor. He signed at Stax in 1966 and was dubbed “The Philosopher Of Soul”- his biggest crossover hit was “Who’s Making Love” in 1969- which earned him a Grammy nomination.