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The American Top 40 replay this week on the 70’s on 7- the great year of 1971- April 22, 1971. Three of my Beatles in the Top 40 this week- John, Paul and Ringo- and the highest ranked and the best of the three happens to be by Ringo! Of course being 1971 there is the obligatory hit by The Osmonds.

1 1 JOY TO THE WORLD –•– Three Dog Night (Dunhill)-11 (6 weeks at #1) (1) B+
2 2 NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE –•– Jackson 5 (Motown)-8 (2) B
3 6 BROWN SUGAR –•– The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones)-4 (3) A+
4 3 PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND –•– Ocean (Kama Sutra)-11 (2) A-
5 5 ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOO –•– Lobo (Big Tree)-8 (5) D
6 12 WANT ADS –•– The Honey Cone (Hot Wax)-7 (6) A
7 7 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER / BRAND NEW ME –•– Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)-6 (7) A-
8 13 IT DON’T COME EASY –•– Ringo Starr (Apple)-4 (8)A+
9 4 IF –•– Bread (Elektra)-9 (4) B-
10 10 CHICK-A-BOOM (Don’t Ya Jes’ Love It) –•– Daddy Dewdrop (Sunflower)-12 (9) A

11 11 LOVE HER MADLY –•– The Doors (Elektra)-7 (11) B
12 8 STAY AWHILE –•– The Bells (Polydor)-12 (7) C
13 14 SWEET AND INNOCENT –•– Donny Osmond of the Osmonds (MGM)-9 (13) D-
14 9 I AM…I SAID / DONE TOO SOON –•– Neil Diamond (Uni)-9 (4) A
15 24 SUPERSTAR –•– Murray Head and the Trinidad Singers (Decca)-26 (15) B-
16 17 HERE COMES THE SUN –•– Richie Havens (Stormy Forest)-10 (16) A
17 25 I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM –•– Helen Reddy (Capitol)-14 (17) B-
18 16 WHAT’S GOING ON –•– Marvin Gaye (Tamla)-14 (2) A+
19 19 TIMOTHY –•– The Buoys (Scepter)-15 (17) C
20 46 RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS –•– The Carpenters (A&M)-2 (20) A

21 22 I LOVE YOU FOR ALL SEASONS –•– The Fuzz (Calla)-18 (21) B
22 18 I DON’T BLAME YOU AT ALL –•– Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Tamla)-10 (18) A-
23 34 WOODSTOCK –•– Matthews’ Southern Comfort (Decca)-12 (23) B
24 30 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY –•– Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose (United Artists)-7 (24) A
25 26 TOAST AND MARMALADE FOR TEA –•– Tin Tin (Atco)-8 (25) B-
26 27 RIGHT ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE –•– Brenda and the Tabulations (Top & Bottom)-8 (26) A-
27 33 I’LL MEET YOU HALFWAY –•– The Partridge Family (Starring Shirley Jones and Featuring David Cassidy) (Bell)-3 (27) B-
28 29 (For God’s Sake) GIVE MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE –•– The Chi-Lites (Brunswick)-7 (28) A
29 32 DON’T KNOCK MY LOVE (Part 1) –•– Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)-5 (29) A
30 31 REACH OUT I’LL BE THERE –•– Diana Ross (Motown)-4 (30) C

31 15 POWER TO THE PEOPLE –•– John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band (Apple)-8 (11) A+
32 21 WE CAN WORK IT OUT / NEVER DREAMED YOU’D LEAVE IN SUMMER –•– Stevie Wonder (Tamla)-11 (13) A
33 35 COOL AID –•– Paul Humphrey and His Cool Aid Chemists (Lizard)-11 (33) B
34 39 THE DRUM –•– Bobby Sherman (Metromedia)-4 (34) C
35 36 ME AND MY ARROW –•– Nilsson (RCA)-10 (35) A
36 37 BOOTY BUTT –•– The Ray Charles Orchestra (Tangerine)-10 (36) B
37 42 I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM –•– Yvonne Elliman (Decca)-5 (37) B-
38 47 IT’S TOO LATE / I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE –•– Carole King (Ode)-3 (38) A
39 20 ANOTHER DAY / OH WOMAN OH WHY –•– Paul McCartney (Apple)-12 (5) B
40 57 NATHAN JONES –•– The Supremes (Motown)-3 (40) B

10 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 REPLAY- 70’S ON 7- WEEK OF MAY 22, 1971

  1. Good top 40…The songs by the Chi-Lites and Lennon gives you a glimpse on the era.

    Me and My Arrow…I’m haunted by that song. A radio station switched formats in Nashville in the 90s…it was 104.5 “The Arrow” and they played this song for 24 hours straight while starting. I was stuck working on a Saturday at a place that offices were locked… and couldn’t change the station which music was piped in. After 8 hours of it…I had enough of Me and My Arrow.

    • That is crazy- I bet they had few listeners during that stretch.. your story reminds me of my last trip to Graceland about 20 years ago- one of the shops across the street inside playing Elvis continuously. It might not have been bad if they played everything but it was the big hits over and over– to work in that place after a point you had to hate Elvis!…

    • It was like being tortured after a while.

      I agree…most people would not know the difference if you slipped some good B sides in…and yea that’s a bad thing…to end up hating Elvis…and I agree you would.

    • I remember years ago as a young Hans- I was dating someone and Elvis let me know that it wasn’t going to work. I had The Sun Sessions CD playing and she said something on the order of why are you playing this crappy Elvis music and not his hits? I knew right then it wasn’t going to work and dropped her off at the curb. Just kidding. But come on the Sun Sessions- Elvis at his zenith.

    • You can thank Elvis for saving you a lot of grief. Thats when you push the Veruca Salt button and send her away! Not going to work.

    • She was a strongly opinionated person. She was a music fan but didn’t have any clue on the sun sessions- i tried to explain but…. also once I had John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” playing and she wasn’t into that either…

    • A guy I know in high school changed his rock music taste to country when he thought he could get to a girl because she liked country… of course it didn’t work…I learned a lesson… be yourself good or bad…it works in your favor.

  2. I was a pretty big fan of Three Dog Night, and liked “Joy to the World” OK at first, but it was so played to death that I grew to absolutely HATE IT! Still can’t stand to listen to it to this day. And I’m shocked you gave “Chick-A-Boom” an A, as I think it’s a really stupid, annoying song.

    • I would have given Joy To The World an A- decades ago- but it has been played into meaninglessness. Chick-A Boom- when the Top 40 started and I saw it was in the 40 that week I laughed- its stupid for sure but one of those stupid songs I don’t hear often enough -so I like it- and it has been in my head all day.. now if it got played as often as Joy To The World does- I would hate it .

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