All My Vinyl Albums/ Music Listening Journal: Day 5/ 366: Sunday January 6, 2020.


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  • UTOPIA: DEFACE THE MUSIC: 1980: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: This album is Todd Rundgren and Utopia’s homage to The Beatles. The first side to the early Beatles and side two- the later years. A fun listen. A friend mentioned the album in a conversation last night and since I hadn’t listened to it in years- thought it was time. Below- from Wikipedia- the Utopia song- and the Beatles song it is referencing.


1 “I Just Want to Touch You” 2:00 Please Please Me“, “I Want to Hold Your Hand
2 “Crystal Ball” 2:00 Can’t Buy Me Love
3 “Where Does the World Go to Hide” 1:41 A World Without Love“, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
4 “Silly Boy” 2:20 I’m a Loser“, “I’ll Cry Instead
5 “Alone” 2:10 And I Love Her
6 “That’s Not Right” 2:37 Eight Days a Week
7 “Take It Home” 2:53 Day Tripper
8 “Hoi Poloi” 2:33 Penny Lane
9 “Life Goes On” 2:21 Eleanor Rigby
10 “Feel Too Good” 3:04 Getting Better“, “Fixing a Hole
11 “Always Late” 2:22 Martha My Dear“, “Yellow Submarine
12 “All Smiles” 2:27 Michelle“, “I Will
13 “Everybody Else Is Wrong” 3:38 Strawberry Fields Forever“, “I Am the Walrus

  • TONY ORLANDO AND DAWN: GREATEST HITS: 1975: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: While I am not a fan at all- when I saw this in the $1 bin a week ago I couldn’t pass up on it.  This Greatest Hits album with 11 singles came out late in their 70’s popularity- the only big hit that came later was “He Don’t Love You {Like I Love You} by the time the album was finished playing- I had heard enough. The album was in great shape though and worth a $1. I wouldn’t have paid $2 for it though.


Other Music Listening-


  • PHIL SPECTOR: BACK TO MONO: 1991: 5+ STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Discs 1 and 2: IPOD: Phil Spector [even before his murder conviction} was on the short list for the title of most deranged artist in rock and roll history- stories about Phil’s erratic behavior are legendary but he is also possibly the greatest producer in the history of rock and roll. His work during the period covered in this great box set -1958-69 certainly made a great case for that claim. Spector was the star- the artists the vehicle. On this three disc set there are 60 songs { the box set comes with a 4th disc- Spector’s famous Christmas Album} Today I listened to the first two discs while walking. This box set covers most of what you would need or want- his productivity and confidence started to slip at the end of the 60’s.