Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 33. Today I am doing for singles instead of the usual three- because there are four more singles that entered the chart for the month of February 1969– on February 22, 1969- and also the last single of today will be the 100th entry for the year 1969 to this point. “Long Green”- The Fireballs- “Soul Experience”- Iron Butterfly , “Am I The Same Girl”-Barbara Acklin, ” I Do Love You”- Billy Stewart. None of these four singles got any higher than #73 in the Hot 100.

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97. ” Long Green”- The Fireballs. Atco. Pop. Written by Lynn Easton. B-side-“Light In The Window.” The Fireballs were a rock band from Raton, New Mexico- their record producer was Norman Petty- Clovis, New Mexico whose claim to fame in rock and roll history is best remembered for Buddy Holly recording in his studio. The Fireballs are remembered for having a #1 hit in 1963- “Sugar Shack.” From 1959-69 The Fireballs had 11 Hot 100 singles with 6 making the Top 40. “Long Green” was their last single to make the charts- it peaked at #73 spending 7 weeks in the Hot 100. “Long Green” was first recorded by The Kingsmen in 1964.  Grade: B-


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98. “Soul Experience”- Iron Butterfly. Atco. Rock. Written by Ingle, Brann, Dorman, and Bushy. B-side: “In The Crowds.” When you hear Iron Butterfly you think of one thing- their only hit “In-A Gadda-Da-Vida”- #30 1968. They had 5 Hot 100 singles but that was their only Top 40 hit. Iron Butterfly was a heavy metal band out of San Diego. “Soul Experience” was their second entry into the Hot 100 following “In -A Gadda- Da- Vida”-and it peaked at #75- 5 weeks in the Hot 100. Grade: C+


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99. “Am I The Same Girl”- Barbara Acklin. Brunswick. R&B. Written by Eugene Record and Sonny Sanders. B-side: Be By My Side.” Barbara Acklin was an R&B singer-songwriter from Chicago. She was once married to Eugene Record of The Chi-Lites- who co-wrote “Am I The Same Girl.” She had 4 Hot 100 singles with 1 making the Top 40 “Love Makes A Woman” #15 in 1968. “Am I  The Same Girl”  peaked at #79- 3 weeks on the chart. This song sounded very familiar- it was released in 1968 as a single by Young-Holt Unlimited as “Soulful Strut”- an instrumental hit #3 with Barbara’s vocals removed from the track.  Barbara Acklin died of pneumonia at the age of 56 in 1998. Grade: B+


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100. “I Do Love You”- Billy Stewart.  Chess. Soul. Written by-Billy Stewart. B-side: “Keep Loving.” Billy Stewart was a vocalist/composer and keyboardist from Washington, D.C. He was discovered by Bo Diddley in 1956. His nickname was “Fat Boy.” Billy Stewart had 12 Hot 100 singles between 1962-69- this was his last one- peaking at #94 3 weeks on the chart. His biggest hit was “Summertime” #10 in 1966. He had 4 top 40 singles in his career. Billy Stewart was tragically killed in an auto accident in 1970. Grade: C


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